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Camerata Press makes available to choir directors and singers the creative and expertly crafted choral music of David A. Seitz. His settings have been written during fifty years of conducting college, radio, church, community, and professional ensembles.

These influences make the phrase classic choral music a good one to describe David's work:

  • Baroque (Bach, Handel), Classical (Mozart, Haydn) and Classical/Romantic (Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms) composers
  • the mystical artistic atmosphere of the Renaissance period
  • reverence for historic/traditional worship materials, style, and music
  • the southern hymn-singing and folk-hymn traditions
  • the popularity of folk singing in the 1960s
  • the Mennonite a cappella hymn-singing environment of his youth
  • the prominence of men's (TTBB) ensembles in his early experiences
  • his early arranging, singing, and conducting for Mennonite Broadcasts (now MennoMedia)
  • the keyboard skills of his wife Christine Larson Seitz, David's accompanist since 1978

Those have resulted in the classic hallmarks of his style:

  • a prominent place for tasteful hymn arrangements
  • accessible and functional–yet colorful and rich–harmonies
  • themes with variations
  • imitative counterpoint
  • men's and women's double-choir passages
  • varied voicing and textures
  • significant keyboard accompaniments